What I Wish Seminaries Would Teach

I pray that seminaries will morph into prayer tanks, places where lay and professional people can come to deepen their spirituality and hone their leadership skills. I envision a time when seminaries are better known as retreat centers for lay people than as schools for professional pastors. [Read more…]

Ken Schenck on the Future of Seminary Education

The ideological challenge for seminaries is America’s move toward a post-Christian society. Whether one agrees with their thinking or not, evangelical seminaries remain in demand because their students sense something living there, something that might make a difference. The question is whether these answers have staying power. What institutions will future ministers perceive to be able to best address the issues that our culture is raising? [Read more…]

Occupying America

What is your one-sentence summation of the sentiments of the Occupy Wall Street movement? Write it up and send it to everybody on your email lists! Or copy mine and do the same. It’s up to us to re-frame the political discourse in this country. Our politicians aren’t going to do it for us. [Read more…]