God In America Live Chat at Patheos

Join us this week at Patheos for a live chat on PBS’ 3-part series “God in America.” Along with the opportunity to chat with the producers of the series, you’ll also see interviews with three of the show’s producers and a new review of the series. [Read more...]

October’s Promise

Now that I’m older and maybe wiser, May and October have switched places in my favorites list. October is golden glow. May is buttery yellow. October is realistic. May is false hopes that spring will last forever. October is closer to death and so, it is a spiritual opportunity for us to be more in touch with life. [Read more...]

Hope in the Midst of Despair: God is Digging a Tunnel

On Saturday afternoon, I was almost in tears after hearing on NPR that the long awaited breakthrough to the Chilean miners trapped since August has been made.  Their rescue is still some days away, but the hope this breakthrough represents is huge.  There is so much bad news reported in the press that I think [Read More...]