Level With Me: A Christmas Eve Meditation

Haven’t you ever wondered “What was God thinking? To take such a terrible risk? To become that vulnerable baby? Alyce McKenzie delivers a Christmas message to the Bell Ringers with the Salvation Army in Arlington, TX; a message that is for all of us, too. [Read more...]

Is Jesus Just a Good Guy? Why The Incarnation Matters 2

“If Jesus is just a good guy, then the world has one more hero — but nothing more — and we are stuck with no way out. You can stack up martyrs like firewood (and many have), but the world will remain broken.” Spiritual Director & Episcopal Priest Fred Schmidt on “Why The Incarnation Matters…” [Read more...]

Why The Incarnation Matters 1

What does it mean for us that God chose to enter the world in flesh and blood — incarnate — through a poor baby in Bethlehem? We invited a dozen theobloggers to consider the question: “Why Does the Incarnation Matter?” And we asked them to do it in 100 words or less. [Read more...]