Spiritual Lessons I Learned in Honduras

As I sat in the heat holding sometimes one, two, sometimes three young orphaned children at one time, I couldn’t help but think of Paul’s beautiful image for the Church as the Body of Christ. [Read more…]

A Conservative at the Wild Goose: Part 2

[Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of guest posts by Devin Murphy, a theologically conservative Christian who attended the recent Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina.  Read the first post, The Emergent Church and Me: A Disclaimer, here.] First Impressions of the Wild Goose Festival After driving… and driving… and driving… we [Read More…]

A Conservative Listens at the Wild Goose

True to its spirit and invitation, the Wild Goose Festival was welcoming and inclusive of all — including it turns out, conservative Christians! I met one such young man, Devin Murphy, the first night at a party at the Patheos RV. He had come to listen. [Read more…]