Nine Years After 9/11 – A Choice Between Hate and Love

“The anniversary of 9/11 would be sufficient reason for reflection; in my faith tradition we live by a liturgical calendar on which we mark feast days and remembrances of those who have come before and shaped the way we live and believe. But with all these political and geo-political events (and others) that seem to be linked to 9/11 in the news, it’s an especially meaningful anniversary, and a time to consider the political and spiritual arenas and see what we might learn.” Episcopal lay minister Greg Garrett offers this thoughtful reflection as we approach the anniversary of 9/11. [Read more...]

Sharing Favorite Scriptures, Interfaith-Style

One of our group bloggers, Jason Derr, recently emailed me a news release about the launch of an interfaith partnership for action and justice work called FaithsUnited. I was so moved by the initiative, and especially by the opening program called the Scripture Exchange Program, I thought it worth sharing here. [Read more...]

Tony, Tony, Turn Around: Reflections on Luke 5:1-10

Chapter fifteen is the heart of Luke’s Gospel. With its three parables of Lost and Found, sheep, coin, and sons in which Jesus uses images for God that are offensive: a shepherd, a woman and a Father who has no pride. Several of Luke’s parables emphasize repentance as a dramatic redirection of a main character’s mind and purpose: The Prodigal Son, The Rich Fool, the Rich man and Lazarus. This parable on the other hand… well, how does a lost coin or a lost sheep repent? [Read more...]

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