Claremont Lincoln University – A Beacon of Interfaith Light

In the midst of these raising tides of anger and xenophobia, the creation of the Claremont Lincoln University is like a small beacon of light in the foggy ocean — redirecting us to another shore, by inviting us to live in the midst of the beauty embedded in our many religious traditions. [Read more…]

A Liturgy for the Sept. 11 Anniversary

One of the challenges I’ve had in my ordination journey is to live within the liturgy, so I’ve taken extra care since meeting with my commission on ministry in July to seek out ways that I can think more liturgically as preparation for the priesthood. So as an exercise in thinking liturgically, I prepared a Eucharistic liturgy for the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks [Read more…]

Is God Christian?

The new book “Is God a Christian?” is a beautifully-written essay promoting religious pluralism from a Christian perspective. Much of it is an argument against fundamentalism in all religions, and an argument for openness, toleration, and compassion among the world’s faiths. [Read more…]