Taking Flight at Wild Goose

The wild goose reminds us that the Spirit of God cannot be tamed. Perhaps the Celts understood that when we attempt to control the Spirit, the Spirit breaks free and finds a home in groups and individuals – the same individuals who have launched historic movements, ultimately transforming the face of history and Christianity. [Read more…]

Going Up? Reflections on Ascension Sunday

The idea that Jesus ascended to a God “up there” is just as strange as Harold Camping’s image of corpses flying up to the sky along with today’s believers. Some Christians still live in a three-story universe—heaven above, earth between, hell below—but few people believe, as one pastor stated, that if you get into a space ship and fly far enough, you’ll find a place called “heaven.”

So what are we to make of Jesus’ Ascension? Of course, it’s not out of the question that Jesus defied gravity, but is that the real point? Is the Ascension about gravity or spirituality, geography or vocation? [Read more…]

Why I Am In Jail

As I write this note, it is 12:30PM and I’m sitting comfortably in my office at the NC Council of Churches. At 3PM, though, I will be in the gallery at the NC Legislature, and by late this afternoon I may find myself in jail. [Read more…]