Why Big Tent Christianity?

“Brian McLaren and I are organizing a major public conference on September 8-9 in Raleigh, North Carolina in order to make the call for a return to “Big Tent Christianity” (seeBigTentChristianity.com). Why is this call important?” Theology Professor Philip Clayton offers a background and vision for this new movement. [Read more...]

Pakistan, Denying Them Answers, Job & God Overwhelmed

Pakistan is still reeling from the destruction of the floods. I have personal friends who are struggling through and offering their presence to these families. I think that’s the key, not offering them answers; answers can be destructive. Peace isn’t finding an answer to your problem, its knowing that you’re not alone. [Read more...]

Backward or Forward with God: A Response to Glenn Beck’s “Recovering Honor”

“Faithfulness to God today involves world loyalty and the willingness to sacrifice for the well-being of vulnerable persons and an equally vulnerable planet. Individual initiative, creativity, and freedom are important and essential to the good life, but they always exist in the context of caring for God by supporting the least of these and seeking to be God’s partners in healing the earth, economically, politically, and spiritually. The only gospel worth following is social, despite Beck’s revisionism: “let justice roll down like waters, righteousness like an everflowing stream.” (Amos 5:24)” Bruce Epperly on a different kind of Christian honor. [Read more...]