A Meditation on the Death of Osama bin Laden

Let us meditate on the choices before us now: The path of prideful gloating, or the path of respectful engagement. The path of hyper-nationalism, or the path of international cooperation. Let us take into account how this event is seen through eyes other than our own. [Read more…]

Easter Grief

The hope of resurrection does not erase the reality of death or the toll it takes. Good Friday will come again next year. Is the measure of how deeply we believe the Easter message the extent to which we are unmoved by death? No. Paul doesn’t say, “Thanks to the resurrection, we don’t grieve.” He says, “Thanks to the resurrection we don’t grieve as others do.” [Read more…]

Good Friday: Entering the Darkness

Growing up, I often heard preachers intone that my name was on Jesus’ lips when he died on the cross, that, in between spasms of excruciating pain, Jesus was thinking of me. In more macabre sermons, pastors would point a finger at the audience and explain that it was I that drove the nails into Jesus with all of my terrible sins. It was a powerful, seductive message. It was also a lie. [Read more…]