Anxious for Nothing

“I wonder why a bible verse that served me so well in one phase of my life proved so futile during another. Could the verses that once brought me closer to God now make me feel faithless? Was I going to have to find new sources of inspiration?” Monica Coleman reflects on spiritual reading for different seasons of life. [Read more...]

Abandonment and Responsibility: Reflections on Sunday’s Scriptures

“Does there ever come a time in life in life when God withdraws God’s care and lets us experience the full consequences of our actions? Does God’s “tough love” include withholding protection for irresponsible humans?” Bruce Epperly reflects on this Sunday’s scripture texts… [Read more...]

Conversations from Chautauqua

“When I last wrote, I was on the island of Patmos out in the Greek Aegean Sea, following John the Beloved Apostle to his little cave where, in the tenth decade of his long life, he kept company with the crows and envisioned the end of the age and the coming of a new heaven and a new earth. So it is fitting that I continue my pilgrimage to the place where new visions (or nightmares) for the End Time were going to be discussed.” Our meandering pilgrim, Rebecca Cole-Turner, continues her sacred pilgrimage in a remote corner of upstate New York. [Read more...]