Hope in the Midst of Despair: God is Digging a Tunnel

On Saturday afternoon, I was almost in tears after hearing on NPR that the long awaited breakthrough to the Chilean miners trapped since August has been made.  Their rescue is still some days away, but the hope this breakthrough represents is huge.  There is so much bad news reported in the press that I think [Read More...]

The Sermon We’re Not Going to Preach: Lectionary Reflection on Luke 18:1-8

In general, individuals and groups don’t admit to themselves that the reason they act or don’t act the way they do is because “I have no fear of God or respect for anyone…” That would be like saying: “I am an irreverent, disrespectful jerk who thinks only of my own convenience and comfort. Don’t expect any justice from me.” Real people and institutions protect themselves (ourselves) with layers of rationalizations, ways we can continue to pursue our lifestyles and sleep well at night while ignoring or downplaying the needs of those beyond our families and friends. [Read more...]

New Patheos Book Club: October Pick – Stephen Prothero’s “God Is Not One”

Patheos is excited to announce the October Book Club Pick of the Month: Stephen Prothero’s “God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run The World – And Why Their Differences Matter.” Our resources for deeper reading include an exclusive author interview, discussion questions and a book excerpt to get your ready for our online discussion. Also next week, we’ll begin our Blogger Roundtable, featuring nearly a dozen bloggers from different faith traditions responding to the book and raising questions for Prothero to respond to at the book cluv blog, Take & Read. So grab a copy of the book (or read the excerpt) and get ready to join the conversation at the Patheos Book Club! [Read more...]