Live from General Assembly: What ARE We Doing?

“Nearly 3,000 Presbyterians have descended upon Minneapolis, with nametags flapping, outfitted in everything from suits to sloganed T-shirts, meandering like tourists around the convention center & associated hotels. We stick out like a circus. I watch us bumbling around and wonder — what ARE we doing?” Seminary student and guest blogger Talitha Phillips files her first post from the Presbyterian Church’s bi-annual gathering, General Assembly, happening this weekend in Minneapolis… [Read more...]

Trouble and Transformation: Reflections on Sunday’s Bible Texts

“Reading the prophet Amos hits too close to home these days. No one wants to be a harbinger of bad news, especially when anxiety is gripping the community already; but that’s Amos’ vocation. To speak words of disorientation, with just a few final sentences of hope, is Amos’ challenge to an already unsettled nation, facing the “perfect storm” of unfixable problems.” Theology Professor Bruce Epperly on how Amos’ words speak to us today… [Read more...]

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The Preacher as Last Comic Standing?

I am a fan of the show Last Comic Standing. I wouldn’t stand up in a pulpit and recommend to parents that they have their children watch it, because it is, of course, often profane and vulgar. But for me, stand- up comedy is a fascinating genre – both because of its delivery and its content. Preachers can learn some positive lessons, as well as some cautionary tales, from stand- up comedians. [Read more...]

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