Obama’s Biblical Budget

President Obama’s vision of America follows the spirit of the Hebraic prophets, who proclaimed that a famine of hearing the word of God is a result of our failure to hear the cries of the poor. [Read more…]

When Life Sucks

Will life be different from the dream we were building? Yes. Will there be real losses or less than we hoped? Yes. But life is not about physical perfection and material prosperity. Life is about a journey into God, and what matters most is our capacity for intimacy and companionship with God—whatever the circumstances. [Read more…]

The Language of Science and Faith: Both/And

Oh my God. A recent Gallup poll says 44% of people in the United States believe God created humans fewer than 10,000 years ago. And we wonder why our educational system is ranked 17th? (Note to self: Send big donation to evolutionweekend.org; turns out they’re doing essential work.) But given this sad reality, I’m glad that Karl W. Giberson and Francis S. Collins wrote “The Language of Science and Faith.” [Read more…]