Sharing Favorite Scriptures, Interfaith-Style

One of our group bloggers, Jason Derr, recently emailed me a news release about the launch of an interfaith partnership for action and justice work called FaithsUnited. I was so moved by the initiative, and especially by the opening program called the Scripture Exchange Program, I thought it worth sharing here. [Read more...]

Tony, Tony, Turn Around: Reflections on Luke 5:1-10

Chapter fifteen is the heart of Luke’s Gospel. With its three parables of Lost and Found, sheep, coin, and sons in which Jesus uses images for God that are offensive: a shepherd, a woman and a Father who has no pride. Several of Luke’s parables emphasize repentance as a dramatic redirection of a main character’s mind and purpose: The Prodigal Son, The Rich Fool, the Rich man and Lazarus. This parable on the other hand… well, how does a lost coin or a lost sheep repent? [Read more...]

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When Rockstars Deny the Foundation of Religion

To David, there is power in the uknowning. In the unraveling. In the dismantling journey towards unbelief. Where unbelief is true belief. David takes it too far. By focusing outside the temple and outside of the mountain, the very foundation of the temple, David is basically condemning these things as useless. Much like Jesus did when he spoke to the institutional representatives and told them they were dead inside. David is challenging us to see that the foundation of the institutions are the issue. [Read more...]