Rob Bell’s Universalism?

Once more evangelicals are fighting among each other.  And Rob Bell’s Love Wins is the source of this new controversy.  Is Bell a universalist – heaven forbid! – or one for whom the fires of hell and the warmth of heaven are really the same reality, depending on whether or not we trust the love [Read More…]

Shouting Stones: The Woman Anointer

The woman with the ointment of nard used her hand to spread the aroma and texture into the hair, scalp, neck, and shoulders of Jesus—for respite from pain, for removal of tension, for blessing in the present moment. Jesus recognized this act as an anointing for his burial. He will be anointed again after his physical death by the women who followed him so closely during his ministry, but now he is able to feel and savor the beauty that meets him in this moment of tension, trepidation, and wondering. [Read more…]

God Was NOT In The Earthquake

Before preaching that God caused the recent earthquake in Japan, and quoting scripture to justify it, I’ve got a verse that you should read. 1 Kings 19:11 says, “God was NOT in the earthquake.” If you keep reading, you will see that Elijah likewise does not find God in the “great wind, so strong that it was splitting mountains and breaking rocks in pieces” or in the “fire.” Instead, Elijah meets God in the “sound of sheer silence.” Pastors preaching earthquake theology should get themselves to a Centering Prayer retreat ASAP. [Read more…]