When Rockstars Deny the Foundation of Religion

To David, there is power in the uknowning. In the unraveling. In the dismantling journey towards unbelief. Where unbelief is true belief. David takes it too far. By focusing outside the temple and outside of the mountain, the very foundation of the temple, David is basically condemning these things as useless. Much like Jesus did when he spoke to the institutional representatives and told them they were dead inside. David is challenging us to see that the foundation of the institutions are the issue. [Read more...]

CS Lewis and Big Tent Christianity: Church and Faith Formation as Intentional Community

Modern Christianity was a faith marked as much by conflict and issues of control/dominance as it was of revolution and reformation. While early Christianity was not with out its own issues it was dominated, mainly, by monolithic structures in it’s regional Catholic or Orthodox forms. Reformation Christianity was represented by argument and doctrinal dispute and [Read More...]

Inner Monks Unite: A Monk Manifesto

All of you “inner monks” dressed in Protestant clothing, here’s an invitation for you. One of my favorite bloggers and spiritual directors, Christine Valters Paintner, has posted a “Monk Manifesto” at her site, Abbey of the Arts. I share her invitation with those of you seeking an intentional way of living contemplatively in the world. She’s also offering a free e-course called Monk in the World. [Read more...]