Who is my brother? Who is my sister?

Moments into his new administrative responsibilities the governor of Alabama told a congregation that those who are not Christians are not his brothers and sisters. As Anne Lamott once observed in a different connection, it is the kind of statement that would drive Jesus to drink gin from the cat’s dish. Patheos columnist and Episcopal Priest Fred Scmidt responds to the new Governor’s religious words… [Read more…]

Love Is The Seat of Wisdom

In case you haven’t met her yet, let me introduce you to one of our fabulous new bloggers at Patheos, The Anchoress (Elizabeth Scalia). Her daily posts are passionate, touching, humorous and always grounded in her life as a person of faith. And they often leave me either laughing out loud, or teary-eyed. [Read more…]

The Little Monk: A Theopoetic of Grace and Creation

To my readers: I have been away from this and other blogs since the beginning of December as I moved and prepared for Christmas. On the other side of Christmas I find myself in a new living space with a brand new writing area. With this post I am glad to return to the Patheos [Read More…]