Why Isn’t It Cool To Be A Christian?

Why is Christianity so un-cool? To be sure, there are dozens of reasons. Christianity has done a pathetic job of recasting a beautifully graceful image of God into the modern world. And let’s face it, Christianity has had an unhealthy relationship to power. [Read more…]

The Perversion of ‘Them’

Once we ask the ominous question “Who are they?” by inherent contradiction we are then led to the question “Who am I without a ‘They’?’ That question is laced with enough trepidation that it keeps the bravest of people out of the light and deeper into the dark.
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A New Year of Violence Against Christians

On January 1, 2011, the Dallas Morning News carried three different stories about attacks on Christian churches or Christians carried out by Muslim terrorists; one in Egypt, one in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan. These are not isolated incidents. Beyond individual and strictly local motivations these attacks on Christians have two things in common. [Read more…]