Fantasies In Our Rear-View Mirror: The Gay Community

It’s ironic how, especially in western countries, we have been indoctrinated to believe that freedom can be across the board. That we can all be equal. The issue with that is that we as Westerners preach this message of equality but don’t believe it. [Read more...]

The God Who Forsakes Us

We live in a world that almost thrives on the need for closure or an ending. We like happy endings in particular. This is why Hollywood makes so much money, we want to believe that happy endings exist. But let’s be honest, life is more like a beautiful piece of quilted patchwork. The colors don’t always match. The lines acrosss the quilt don’t always line up. And it might be shorter than we anticipated. But, it is life. What if Christianity was meant to be more like the the quilt and less like the Hollywood endings? [Read more...]

Picturing God in a Fragmented World: Blogging from An International Gathering of Teachers of Preaching

Trying to sneak into a professional meeting late doesn’t work when you’re wearing shoes that squeak and have to walk the entire perimeter of the room to find the last empty chair. Once seated I took a deep breath and turned my attention to the scene and the speaker before me. 70 teachers of preaching from all over the world sat in the beautiful Chapel at Yale Divinity School. As twilight darkened into night outside, two speakers inspired us to believe that preaching’s day is still dawning. [Read more...]