Praying The Future

Phillip Clayton of Claremont School of Theology says that the future of the church over the next 20 years will not secured by new and emerging forms of theology, but in ecclesiology. By this he means it is in how we DO CHURCH that is important. While we can expect the continued decline of Christianity in culture we can also expect new pockets of vitality and experience to emerge. [Read more...]

Electing a new Presbyterian Moderator, or Habemus Mamam

“When the Catholic council of superarchbishops or whatever it is gathers to choose a new pope, they sequester themselves in a room and send up a plume of white smoke when they come to a choice…Presbyterians do much the same, minus the secrecy…” Seminary student Talitha Phillips files her second report from the Presbyterian Church’s bi-annual gathering this week. [Read more...]

Live from General Assembly: What ARE We Doing?

“Nearly 3,000 Presbyterians have descended upon Minneapolis, with nametags flapping, outfitted in everything from suits to sloganed T-shirts, meandering like tourists around the convention center & associated hotels. We stick out like a circus. I watch us bumbling around and wonder — what ARE we doing?” Seminary student and guest blogger Talitha Phillips files her first post from the Presbyterian Church’s bi-annual gathering, General Assembly, happening this weekend in Minneapolis… [Read more...]