Where Teens Do Not Turn in Times of Trouble

“Where would you turn for help if you, or someone you know, was a victim of teen dating violence?” the moderator asked an adult and a teen who were standing on opposite sides of a table, waiting to ring a bell when they had an answer. The teen struck the bell and shouted, “your best [Read More…]

Preaching in the Era of Trump

I struggle to understand how those who claim to embrace the radical ethic of the Christian faith—the gospel ethic of caring for the disenfranchised, marginalized, and oppressed “others” of society—can claim to have voted for Trump out of Christian values when there were other Republican and Democratic candidates from whom to pick. Voters are used to choosing between “the lesser of evils,” but there is no serious Christian standard by which Trump can be argued to be that choice. [Read more…]

America’s Addiction to a Drug Called Trump

First you take the drug, and then the drug takes you. This didn’t happen to everyone in America; but it happened to America herself. And it was predictable. At first, our flirtations with the drug called Trump were fun! The drug called Trump was sometimes rude and often crude; but it was entertaining. It made [Read More…]