When Are My Friends Going to Get Here?


Have you ever thrown a party and had no one show up? While this probably happens more regularly than we would prefer to think about, there is a story that has been making the rounds that has touched a nerve in my heart and, based on its circulation throughout the inter-webs, the hearts of a lot [Read More...]

The Battle Over the Body and Blood of Christ: The Blood Becomes Wine


Editor’s Note: This is the second in a weekly Lenten series on the body and blood of Christ by Church History Professor Kelly Pigott. Cecil B. Demille portrayed Moses receiving the law in a very dramatic way, with wind and fire and Charleton Heston overacting as Moses. When I imagine Moses receiving the law, I see it as a far [Read More...]

Deeper Love: Faithful Rhetoric for Progressive Social Change


Announcing: DEEPER LOVE  Faithful Rhetoric for Progressive Social Change [Read more...]