Coffee Hour: America’s True Religion

(Here’s one from the vault!  from 1984… it ran in CoEvolution/Whole Earth Review, which was a journal of countercultural thought and technology produced by Stewart Brand and the folks at the Whole Earth Catalog.  Shortly after my article appeared, I went to worship at a Gnostic church in Palo Alto, and at coffee hour afterwards [Read More...]

Why I Don’t Care if You Use Prayer Beads

I don’t care if you use prayer beads. I know that seems strange to say. After all, I’m the woman who is passionate about them. I’ve collected them for almost 25 years. I’ve built a living out of writing and teaching and speaking about prayer beads. I love praying with them and think they make [Read More...]

How to End Poverty? A Spiritual Question

 “Bread for me is a material question. Bread for my neighbor is a spiritual one,” wrote Nikolai Berdyaev, a 19th-20th c. Russian philosopher and theologian.  Is there a more important spiritual question than this one?  Today may be a particularly good time to ask it in America. I took a recent USC graduate to lunch last [Read More...]