Shane Claiborne: Pilgrimage to Ferguson


Something felt right about going to Ferguson. And something felt right about going with Derrick. I’ve watched Derrick grow up as an African-American youth in North Philadelphia — facing unfair obstacles like a bankrupt school system, an epidemic of gun violence, and a tantalizing drug economy. Despite Philly’s 40% high school dropout rate, Derrick graduated. [Read More...]

How To Be a Midwife In Egypt: A Sermon on Ferguson and Our Choices

Editor’s Note: I share this sermon preached yesterday at the church I attend, First Plymouth Congregational Church, by the Rev. Dr. Eric Smith. In the aftermath of the Ferguson, MO, tragedy and the ensuing protests, I can’t imagine a much better sermon being given in many other churches around the country than this. — Deborah Arca How To Be a [Read More...]

Why “Don’t Say Illegal Immigrant” Is A Problem


Last month, as Americans focused attention on Central American child refugees, Benjamin L. Corey’s June, 2013 article, “Why We Need To Stop Using The Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’”, appeared on my Facebook feed. In it, Corey said using the term “illegal immigrant” was to bear false witness against our neighbor. I am a Baptist minister and [Read More...]