If Jesus Gave a TED Talk (#4): Be Like Unto Katie


This is the fourth in a series of posts where I re-imagine Jesus’ five big sermons as TED Talks, in which he Educates people in God’s new Design for a world that runs on the Technology called love.  This post is an interpretive paraphrase of Matthew 18. ——————————————————————- I was recently asked: “In this new world God is building, who’s in charge?” To answer that, [Read More...]

A Gentle Fraying: Observing a Homespun Lent, Week 4

Window 3

Once upon a time I coveted a house and twenty acres. But it was no use. Both Jesus and I could see straight through the flimsy tissue-paper heart of my prayers. [Read more...]

Lent Is a Time to Follow the Highway to Zion

Janet High Res Photo

I became aware of my trust in God when I was thirteen, during an overnight with the daughter of our church’s minister. We weren’t in the same school, but that year her dad taught our confirmation class and we became friends. We had turned the lights out—her mother had asked us to—but, as usual, we [Read More...]