Voting: A Ritual

(see this and more at’s “Public Square”: “Voting is irrational.” This jarring statement comes from Paul Woodruff, professor of philosophy at the University of Texas in Austin, in his wise book, REVERENCE: Renewing a Forgotten Virtue (2002). It’s disturbing, but it might get at the heart of the problem of low voter participation. [Read More...]

Rethinking the Bible’s Place (It’s Just the Way It Is, Part 2)


There are some Christians who give the Bible godlike homage. It might as well have come floating down from heaven on the wings of angels. Should we ascribe to the Bible divine status? In Nazi Germany a Jewish fugitive fleeing for his life came to a small town. He sought out the house of the [Read More...]

A Gay Catholic Priest on Sex and the Synod: A Q&A with Fr. Geoff Farrow


by Timothy Villareal The Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno, California experienced something of an earthquake in October of 2008. A month ahead of the vote on Proposition 8, which would ban same-sex marriage in California – the same Prop 8 that was finally put six feet under by the Supreme Court in 2013 – a [Read More...]