Jesus Loves Santa (I Saw Them Together at Macy’s)


I had a religious experience at Macy’s department store in New York City when I took my four year old son there to meet Santa. It was a Saturday morning. There were billions of us (I’m not exaggerating) standing between two yellow lines of tape on the floor which led to a far away door. [Read More...]

National Public Radio for the Mind


At our Wednesday mindfulness meditation practice group here at the University of Southern California, which is part of our initiative, I start our sessions with a very short introduction to the practice, and end the 30 minutes of silence with a time for the students and staff who attend to share about how their [Read More...]

America, We’ve Got a Serious Problem: San Bernardino, the New Normal


I’m crying right now as I trying to write this. It’s happening again. Not a week after the horror of Colorado Springs we have another mass shooting. I can’t even begin to process this. It’s just one after the other after another.    As I write this there are reports coming out of San Bernardino [Read More...]