Trump “Outs” Anti-Abortion Hypocrisy

The people who want to make abortion illegal have just been “outed” for a profound inconsistency. Donald Trump, shooting from the hip, suggested that since abortion is murder, women who have abortions should be punished accordingly. The outcry from conservative culture warriors was immediate. Almost all anti-abortion campaigners oppose such criminalization, because they know that [Read More…]

Disciples of Fear: Is It Easier to Believe in Crucifixions?

We currently live in a world where countless books have been written and read by countless believers about “declared dead on the operating table” or similar experiences with predictable tales of a white light at the end of a tunnel and angels telling the newly dead, “It is not your time yet… Go back! Go [Read More…]

Mindful Prayer: Listening vs. Talking

I went to an evangelical Christian prayer service recently. One after another person spoke to God in earnest, humble tones.  They alternated between supplication and praise and a sort of commentary.  Their words were directed at least as much to each other as they were to a supernatural supreme being.  They were sharing opinions and [Read More…]