A Letter to White Christians on the Anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s Death

On the anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death and in the wake of continued calls for justice in Ferguson, Cleveland and other cities across America, white Americans are again asked to confront the fact that our history of racism is very much present, continuing to destroy families and communities. Many white Christians have reacted to protests [Read More…]

Spiritual Practices to Eradicate Racism

By Michael W. Waters Author, Freestyle: Reflections on Faith, Family, Justice, and Pop Culture Metaphors for American Diversity: Salads, Melting Pots, Tapestries, and Mosaics On October 27, 1976, Georgia governor and then presidential candidate James Earl Carter Jr. offered one of his final campaign speeches in Pittsburgh. In this speech, Carter stated, “We [America] have [Read More…]

Wild Goose Day Four: Ecosystems

My branch of mostly-white Protestant Christianity is obsessed with its own death. It frets about its demise constantly, asks itself how to prevent its decline, worries about its legacy, and, like a dying plant, apportions its resources in bare maintenance patterns, often in levels too low to really support life. But I think we sometimes miss the forest for the trees. [Read more…]