“Unequally Yoked”: How Christians Get Interfaith Marriage Wrong

By Rev. J. Dana Trent, MDiv While Christianity is American’s most popular religion (70% of people in the U.S. identify as such), pastors and scholars all let out a collective gasp at the latest findings from the Pew Forum Religious Landscape Study. According to Pew, 2015 might be the year of the religious “nones,” as [Read More…]

Searching for the Buddha’s Climate Change Policy

By Danny Hall Last month, I joined some 130 Buddhist leaders, teachers and scholars representing over 60 major Buddhist schools and ethnicities in Washington D.C. for the first White House U.S. Buddhist Leaders Conference. Of particular interest to conference participants was the subject of climate change. The issue triggered questions for me about what a pan-Buddhist [Read More…]

Science, Religion, and Buddha Too

There is a simple fact being largely ignored by those engaging science and religion: it is not an exclusively Christian enterprise. Dialogue with other religions can make some of the work being done in the field look downright ridiculous. [Read more…]