Tourist or Pilgrim?


There is a sign at the entrance of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem that reads: We are hoping that: If you enter here as a tourist, you would exit as a pilgrim. If you enter here as a pilgrim, you would exit as a holier one. It’s a fitting and powerful reminder for [Read More...]

The Selfie or The Song? Seeking Jesus in the Holy Land


Danielle Shroyer’s new book “Where Jesus Prayed: Illuminations on the Lord’s Prayer in the Holy Land” is a collection of meditations on praying the Lord’s Prayer throughout her two week pilgrimage to the Holy Land. On the second day of my two week pilgrimage to the Holy Land, we begin our morning at the Church [Read More...]

Why Philly is the Perfect Place for the Pope to Denounce the Death Penalty


I guess there is no bad place to call for an end to execution. But Philadelphia, the City of Love, is a really divine place for his Holiness to denounce death. Just this year, Governor Tom Wolf announced a halt on all executions in Pennsylvania, citing deep concerns about errors and biases inherent in the [Read More...]