Bearing Beauty: The Studio P(atheos) Interview Series with Guest Josh Cleveland


“My Dad’s a really good hugger. It’s kind of like being hugged by a big grizzly bear, without the mauling. Sometimes getting lost is a bad thing, but sometimes you just need to get lost in those places where you’re comforted. And sometimes that’s in the arms of those you love.” – Josh Cleveland, singer/songwriter [Read More...]

Wild Christianity at the Wild Goose Festival


“God did not outsource mercy; God said ‘I’ll come myself!’” — Rev. William Barber “The question isn’t ‘What Would Jesus Do?’, but rather ‘What is Jesus doing now?’” — Joerg Rieger The blessed Wild Goose Festival reminds me year after year, thank God, of what it really means to be a Christian. I’ve just come [Read More...]

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Is On the Wrong Side of History

The church I pastor (Immanuel Baptist Church, Frankfort, Kentucky) is affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, a group that broke away from the fundamentalist dominated Southern Baptist Convention in 1991. Cecil Sherman was the first Executive Coordinator of CBF and I distinctly remember the story he shared with a small group of pastors that met [Read More...]