The Church of “We Don’t Quite Know What We’re Talking About”


Enough already! Many of us have confusion, misgivings, sorrows and anger about Christian churches and Christianity itself and what has become of it. I get it. Encountering pastors who believe they have all the answers; entering or hearing about a church that shames and blames people into submission and confession; doctrines, creeds and mission statements [Read More...]

Gifts Not Chains: Epiphany Wisdom for Foreign Aid (Matthew 2:1-12)


The turn of each calendar year is often filled with an influx of charitable giving, much of which intends to assist those far beyond the borders of the United States. As rigorous debates surround the ethics and oversight of such foreign assistance endeavors, one of the more innovative contributions to this important conversation was produced [Read More...]

Reflections on Advent: Music, Mindfulness, and Movement Week 3 — Real Love


5:00am text messages that read, “please call me, its urgent” are harbingers of unfortunate news, and this one, received on the second week of December was no different. After making the call and finding out the details the heaviness of it all began to sink in. A beloved lay leader in our church, who was [Read More...]