Slow Living: Resisting the Need for Speed


“When do we ever find such deep permission, to stop, to see that it is good, this world, this life, this day? Just as it is, without our effort or interference? When do we hear the call, when do we allow ourselves to surrender so completely to non-productive time, to be allowed to be stopped, [Read More...]

English Class Leaves Woman Speechless


By Ashleigh Joyner One woman couldn’t believe that a group of people who didn’t even know her would teach her English. They did and now her life has changed in so many ways. What happens when open hearts celebrate diversity and the value of all people? Rocio Martinez can tell you. Living in Nashville, Tennessee, [Read More...]

When Dajerria Becton Cried Out for Her Mama and God


“Call my Mama! Call my Mama at home. God!” – Dajerria Becton Dajerria Becton, a beautiful black girl with braids running down her back cried out for her Mama and God because she was helpless. An officer, Eric Casebolt, spoke at her and not to her. He grabbed Dajerria, threw her onto the concrete sidewalk before [Read More...]