Christ is the Refugee: A Christmas Hymn


This Christmas season, Christians across Europe and the United States will sing carols in praise of a refugee child, carols that extol the virtues of hospitality to the stranger. We will weep over the “slaughter of the innocents” story and imagine with sentimental poignancy the flight of the Holy Family to Egypt to escape Herod’s [Read More...]

Waiting with Anticipation: The Blessing of Advent


Maybe waiting is the best part of the holiday season. [Read more...]

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snow man

Yesterday I stopped at Starbucks for a coffee, and a little Snow Man sugar cookie for my son. The clerk in the store leaned over to him and said, “Save the head for last, it’s the best part!” He did, and it was. Starbucks sells big red bags of coffee beans that read “Merry Christmas.” They [Read More...]