Time for Addicts to Do an Intervention on the Church

Benz book

[The Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter offers this response to the new book The Recovery-Minded Church for our Book Club roundtable discussion this month.] The Recovery-Minded Church by Jonathan Benz with Kristina Robb-Dover is a thoughtful, loving look at ministering to addicts in our midst. My concern with the approach detailed in this book is that it [Read More...]

Patheos 10 + 1: A Q&A with Bar Church Pastor Jerry Herships

The Rev. Jerry Herships, Pastor, AfterHours Denver

No joke: a pastor walks into a bar and starts a church. Also no joke: it works. Five years later, the Rev. Jerry Herships’ AfterHours Denver is a thriving bar ministry with a real-world mission to feed the poor and homeless downtown. Every Monday night at a different host bar around Denver, up to 50 [Read More...]

Reviving the Nonprofit Leader: A Q&A with Transformational Leadership Strategist Hugh Ballou


“The nonprofit world has become complacent, static, timid, risk-averse, and minimalistic. We have inherited systems that compromise success. We have been taught leadership wrong.”– Hugh Ballou This week, Patheos launches an exciting new blog for nonprofit leaders called The Nonprofit Entrepreneur.  Blog author Hugh Ballou is a transformational leadership strategist and corporate culture architect and has worked [Read More...]