Religious Faith and the Crisis at Our Border

Rev. Robert Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas told Fox News recently that he thinks that the most compassionate thing we could do is secure the border. He thinks Jesus would build a fence around the border to keep all these children from coming in. He said, “If you’re a homeowner with a swimming [Read More…]

Occupy Spirituality: A Video Interview with Matthew Fox

Think the Occupy Movement has come and gone? Not so, claims renowned theologian Matthew Fox, the co-author, along with activist Adam Bucko, of a new book called Occupy Spirituality: A Radical Vision for a New Generation. Occupy may have been diverted temporarily, Fox says, but the movement is still very much alive — morphing, changing, and deepening [Read More…]

Realism vs. Man of Steelism

Once upon a time, political conservatives in America were stereotyped as hard-headed realists, and liberals were described as ungrounded dreamers. How times have changed! Conservatives base their policies on an ideal world in which capitalism works perfectly without government intervention. They assume that the hard-working succeed and the lazy fail. They assume that if people [Read More…]