The Cross: The Problem of Evil

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a weekly series of meditations on the cross during Lent by Church History Professor Kelly Pigott. At the end of the crucifixion event described in the books of Mark and Matthew, Jesus uttered one of the most profound and baffling questions ever to face those of us who [Read More…]

Let Go of Jesus

Jesus had to leave in order for his friends to realize that ‘Lo, I am with you always till the end of the age’. Jesus had to dematerialize for his movement to materialize. This is very much like belief, it too must dematerialize to materialize into its naturally maleable form. [Read more…]

Love: The Disruptive Absence

We tend to create desire out of the desire of the other. The other could be law, society, God, peers and Other others. We attempt to try to fill these gaps of desire with things that cannot truly fill them. They are representations of representations. And so they aren’t Real, they are simply real. The idea of love is a shadow to love. All of our ideas of love make up what love should/could be. [Read more…]