Hungering for Justice (Private Charity Is Not Enough)


Part 6: Progressive Reflections on Traditional Christian Themes Engaging in social justice can be challenging, difficult, and risky work. It is easy to understand why many present-day Christians have relinquished this responsibility and redefined the gospel so that it is not about social justice at all. Some Christians think that it is enough to care [Read More...]

Faithfulness Is More Important Than Veneration (Back to the Future with the Jewish Jesus)

Olan Mills, Inc

Part 2: Progressive Reflections on Traditional Christian Themes I believe that the living God who Christians know through the sacred story of Jesus is far more interested in our faithfulness to the way of Jesus than our worship of Jesus or veneration of his deity. Having the faith of Jesus is more important than what [Read More...]

Churches Need to Call a “Gang Truce” in Order to Reach Youth


By Romal Tune Why are young people uninterested in attending church, specifically young people with no recent family history of attending church? In many urban centers similar to where I grew up, churches are dealing with one or possibly two generations of un-churched teens and young adults. Their grandparents went to church, their parents went [Read More...]