Freedom of Religion Equals Freedom of Speech

I am troubled when religious extremists — Christian, Islamic, or otherwise — threaten violence against those exercising free speech. If someone offends you, engage that person in dialogue, avoid that person, and/or encourage others to avoid him or her; but don’t bully.  Intimidation and violence are infantile tactics unworthy of a mature society. [Read more…]

Are Worship Conferences for Youth Valuable?

So, I recently got back from a worship conference for youth. I must admit, that I was apprehensive about the content and setup of the conference since I tend to be the theologically “progressive” one in the midst of sea of conservatives (at least in this UMC conference). This weekend is a new thing in our conference, and was birthed from the ashes of an annual Youth Choir Rally… [Read more…]

An Unscheduled Easter

Our “scheduled” Easter has passed for this year, and perhaps it is good that we do schedule an annual reminder that God is ceaselessly working for love and life in even the bleakest situations. But, in the coming weeks, as new life buds and flowers all around you, I invite you to be open to the surprise of an unscheduled Easter yet to come. Where do you see signs of resurrection in yourself, in those you love, and in creation? [Read more…]