What Do You Love and Hope Never to Lose to Climate Change?

“The secure rhythms of nature that are the foundation of our home.” — Rachel, Illinois “Clean air and water for my grandchildren.” — Cheryl, Utah “We are losing nothing short of life itself.” — Susan, Faiths for Safe Water “Love, family, life.” — Great-grandmother Mary Lyons, Ojibwe Elder, Member of The Grandmothers Circle What do [Read More…]

Pando Populus: When Words Aren’t Enough to Save the Planet

As promised in my first Pando Populus post, over the next few weeks I’ll highlight some of the incredible people involved in our June 4-7 global conference for the planet: Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization. For this post, however, words are not enough. That’s because today I’m introducing you to John Bielenberg and Tucker Nichols. [Read More…]

Pando Populus: New Paradigms for Saving the Earth

Modern applied science and our current economic systems have failed us. They are responsible for the environmental crisis that is putting our future and that of our fragile, interconnected biosphere at risk. Equally, the world’s religious leaders have also failed us with their all-too-quick acceptance of the status quo and dereliction in working to protect [Read More…]