Married Without Children: Parenthood, Re-imagined

Fewer Americans are becoming parents. According to the New York Times, American birthrates are in sharp decline—in fact, they’ve been decreasing for years. The general U.S. fertility rate is at a record low, and data-collectors attribute this to women delaying pregnancy, often past their prime childbearing years. Anecdotally, this indicates a modern cultural shift of [Read More…]

“There Is a Wide, Wide Wonder In It All”: The Blessing of Black Fathers

“Because that’s my job.” That was my father’s answer when I asked him why he served our family so excellently. Each week my father worked a different shift: 6am to 2pm; 10pm to 6am; 2pm to 10pm. He worked this soul-destroying schedule for more than thirty years. He gained employment in factories and the unskilled [Read More…]

Kids Make the Road by Walking, Too: On Progressive Christian Families and the Bible

Brian McLaren says we make the road by walking, that we discover and build our faith by living it. My wife and I agree with this. But we never thought our kids would be making the road with us. Our children are 12, 9, and 2, and we’d planned to have the road nicely paved [Read More…]