Kids Make the Road by Walking, Too: On Progressive Christian Families and the Bible

Brian McLaren says we make the road by walking, that we discover and build our faith by living it. My wife and I agree with this. But we never thought our kids would be making the road with us. Our children are 12, 9, and 2, and we’d planned to have the road nicely paved [Read More...]

Observing a Homespun Lent, Week 5: Beginning Again


Beginning Again Well here I am. I am stuck in the middle. The middle of Lent. And I am waiting. And I am tired of it. And I am tired of thinking about it. And I am tired of writing about it. Lent schment. Is it Easter yet? Last week I tried to force Easter [Read More...]

What Curious George, Oz, Huckabees Have to Teach Us About Pain

I remember clutching to my Curious George doll when I was five years old, tears falling in a cloud of confusion. One hand holding on to my dad’s shirt and wondering why my sister and I were being taken away. That night, I was in so much pain. I still wonder how in one moment, [Read More...]

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