5 Ways the Church Hurts on Mother’s Day

By Elizabeth Hagan Mothers Day. In many churches its celebrated as a church holiday when Pentecost, Trinity, or All Saints Day are not. In some, it’s the second highest attendance Sunday after Easter (I know it was in the churches I’ve pastored!). On May 8th, it will be rare that you don’t find a bulletin cover with the title “Mother’s [Read More…]

Happy Mother’s Day, Dad!

What is a mother, anyway? Clearly it is not merely a biological relationship. Mother’s Day can be celebrated by two men or two women who adopt and raise a child. Mother’s Day is also for incarcerated mothers of children being raised by another “mother.” And of course step-mothers are mothers. Yup. Nothing is simple anymore. [Read more…]

Married Without Children: Parenthood, Re-imagined

Fewer Americans are becoming parents. According to the New York Times, American birthrates are in sharp decline—in fact, they’ve been decreasing for years. The general U.S. fertility rate is at a record low, and data-collectors attribute this to women delaying pregnancy, often past their prime childbearing years. Anecdotally, this indicates a modern cultural shift of [Read More…]