If Jesus Gave a TED Talk (#1)

This is the first of a series of posts where I re-imagine Jesus’ five big sermons as TED Talks, in which he Educates people in God’s new Design for a world that runs on the Technology called love. While Jesus’ message about the kingdom of God is a positive one, I’ve strived to preserve his apocalyptic flavor. Blessed are the poor, because this oppressive political-economic system is going [Read More…]

What Jesus Said to the Transgender Woman

“Hi Jesus, I’m a transgender woman. What do you think about that?” I knew this moment would come. I was one year into a 4-year project — an interactive drama of Jesus’ ministry years, played out on the social  media stage. My “Jesus Benyosef” character was posting status updates about the kingdom of God, friending [Read More…]

Swords into Plowshares: Turn the Other Cheek and Let Freedom Ring

By Jim Kast-Keat Associate Minister for Education Middle Collegiate Church, New York City People often speak about swords and plowshares as if one ominously threatens to poke your eye out while the other lulls you to cuddle up and go to sleep. The truth is that both these objects are deadly. Yet one threatens life [Read More…]