A Trinity-Shaped Life

I wonder if, on Trinity Sunday, many people feel like the sermon is answering a question they aren’t asking. (What does the Trinity have to do with my daily life?) And many preachers may think to themselves, “Here is another occasion when my job is to try to convince people that an abstract concept they never give much thought to is foundational to their lives.” A better approach is to paint the broad brushstrokes of the doctrine and ask, what’s at stake? So what? What’s at stake in claiming that there are three persons and one essence, not just God being called different things at different times? [Read more…]

Pentecost Meditation: “The Inside Story”

We’re all familiar with the dramatic story of Pentecost recounted in Acts 2:2-12, complete with a rush of wind and tongues of fire. That’s a story we can imagine viewing from the sidelines, as spectators. This Pentecost I’m going to focus on the “inside story,” of Pentecost. My question is “what is the Pentecost that is going on in each of our inner lives that finds expression in our communal lives? [Read more…]