Shane Claiborne on Dr. King, Nonviolent Uprisings and Learning from Ferguson 


Dr. King said: a “riot is the language of the unheard.” What happens when folks do not feel like their voices are being heard? They shout louder. Rioting is what almost happened in Ferguson, and all of us who live in fragile neighborhoods with a backdrop of deep racial injustice need to pay attention. In [Read More...]

Jesus Died With His Hands Up, Too


Michael Brown should not have been shot dead by police in Ferguson, Missouri.  His hands were up.  He was unarmed.  It doesn’t make any difference whether or not he had stolen earlier something that day.  If he had committed such a crime, he should have been given appropriate justice, not a volley of bullets.  At [Read More...]

Stump a Bible Scholar: Is Jesus God?


Think you can stump a scholar? No question is too tough or too radical (this IS the Bible after all — a tough, radical book) for our new Stump a Scholar series at Patheos Progressive Christian. Every week, we’ll answer your questions about the Bible, Christian history, the Church, theology; and we’re bringing in the experts [Read More...]