Why Progressive Christians Should Pray


While many bemoan the decline of the American religious, one fact remains: religiously affiliated or not, 55 percent of people in the United States pray each day. Though institutional religion may be going out of style, this ancient spiritual practice seems to be holding steady. But, why, as a nation that is allegedly turning more [Read More...]

Confessions of an Ex-Postmodernist


by Todd A. Comer “Why Am I an Ex-Postmodernist? Perhaps because—even though ‘we’ postmodernists are well aware of this problem—somehow hospitality had become romanticized for me. Or, perhaps, postmodernism was never for me anything but the product of white, male privilege?” I began my graduate studies at Michigan State University in 1998, and it wasn’t long [Read More...]

Can we Stop for a Minute? A Call for an Ecclesiastical Intervention


It never changes. At every event, at every workshop, in so many of our sanctuaries and board rooms the conversation is all the same. Seemingly daily new books are published which contain some version of a response to the same conversation. “The Church is Dying! What do we do? What’s next? How will we make [Read More...]