Resurrection for the Rest of Us

By John Holbert I was not raised in the church—no Sunday School, no youth camps, no sermons, no Easter trumpeting. Yet, I went to seminary anyway. I will not tell you just why in detail, but it was 1968, and some will remember a very long and terrible war that was raging then, and for [Read More…]

Easter and the Imperfect Jesus (What We Gain and Lose in the Deification of Jesus)

  “Because of Easter and consequently Jesus’ exalted divine status, we are left in the Gospels with the best of Jesus’ humanity, but we lose the worst of his humanity. And yet there are strands of a fallible, imperfect Jesus that remarkably did not get completely edited/redacted out.“ Every serious student of the Gospels knows that [Read More…]

Waiting for Resurrection: A Post-Easter Lament for Black Communities

Jesus lives. Yet, many African-Americans are still waiting for the resurrection. [Read more…]