Christianity Must Lose Its Dualism (What Rick Warren Could Learn from Rob Bell)


Part 3: Progressive Reflections on Traditional Christian Themes At the national gathering of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2010, a theme reiterated throughout the meeting was the “lostness” of the world. One leader said, “We need to be looking forward with an aggressive agenda to penetrate lostness around the world and in North America.” Another [Read More...]

Sharks, Dolphins, and the Curious Progressive Theology of Rob Bell


Rob Bell has long swum with the sharks. Everyone assumed he was a shark. But now the sharks are angry, and I can see why: Rob Bell sure looks like a dolphin these days. And my question is: where did he get these new flippers? [Read more...]

Post-Capitalism Christianity: Something Worth Fighting For

“Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production are privately owned and operated for a private profit; decisions regarding supply, demand, price, distribution, and investments are made by private actors in the market rather than by central planning by the government; profit is distributed to owners who invest in businesses, and wages [Read More...]