Wendell Berry, the Afterlife, and the Judgment of God

Part 4: Progressive Reflections on Traditional Christian Themes Wendell Berry’s novel, A World Lost, is a story about a family coping with the death of one of their own. In the final chapter, Berry reflects on the manner of man he was. This meditation gives way to a reflection on death as a pathway into [Read More…]

Mimetic Monday: Reflecting on Christmas & the Incarnation by Stephanie Perdew VanSlyke, M.Div., Ph.D.

Why did the birth of Jesus matter to the early church? What did they think was the salvific power of the incarnation? And how might mimetic theory help us understand the relationship between incarnation and salvation? Those are a few questions subscribers to the Teaching Nonviolent Atonement live video chat will discuss this Thursday at [Read More…]

Pakistan, Denying Them Answers, Job & God Overwhelmed

Pakistan is still reeling from the destruction of the floods. I have personal friends who are struggling through and offering their presence to these families. I think that’s the key, not offering them answers; answers can be destructive. Peace isn’t finding an answer to your problem, its knowing that you’re not alone. [Read more…]