Mimetic Mondays: Finding God in the Mess

Despite years – and I mean YEARS – of therapy, I still run like a madwomen from my own feelings of sadness, especially during the holidays. Denial has always been my favorite coping mechanism. So this weekend, when my holiday spirits started to dip, instead of looking inside for the cause I started finding fault [Read More…]

The Friend at Midnight: A Father’s Day Sermon

Father’s Day is a day when we stand on our father’s doorstep and offer him thanks. How do you thank a good father? With a card and an invitation to lunch. With a cordless drill, a Weber grill, or a hobby tie? Those are the three most popular Father’s Day gifts this year. [Read more…]

What to Preach on Ascension Day?

“What to Preach on Ascension Day?” Ascension Day is tomorrow! What to say? I like to break mysteries down into who, what, when, and why, not always in that order. The “what” of the Ascension is Jesus’ bodily rising into heaven and being welcomed by God and seated at God’s right hand. In thinking about [Read More…]