Ending Mass Incarceration: The Ongoing Call to Faith Communities

left to right: Janis Rosheuvel, executive secretary for racial justice for United Methodist Women; Sally Dyck, Bishop of Northern Illinois Conference United Methodist Church; Page May, We Charge Genocide; and Lisette Castillo Vizcarro.  They were panelists at a town hall on mass incarceration and policing co-sponsored by United Methodist Women as part of its national social justice training event, “Interrupting Indifference: Jesus, Justice and Joy,” July 29-Aug. 2 at the University of Chicago. credit: Robert Macabuhay

by Janis Rosheuvel, Pastor Lilian Amaya and Lissette Castillo Vizcarra The crisis of incarceration this nation now faces demands people of faith act with swift and fierce moral authority to transform, not just reform, an irreparably broken system. It demands that all of us—clergy, seminarians, teachers, and people in pews, mosques and temples— provoke a [Read More...]

What Do You Love and Hope Never to Lose to Climate Change?

Traveling Climate Ribbon Exhibit at the Parliament of the World's Religions, Salt Lake City, October 2015

“The secure rhythms of nature that are the foundation of our home.” — Rachel, Illinois “Clean air and water for my grandchildren.” — Cheryl, Utah “We are losing nothing short of life itself.” — Susan, Faiths for Safe Water “Love, family, life.” — Great-grandmother Mary Lyons, Ojibwe Elder, Member of The Grandmothers Circle What do [Read More...]

7 Steps Faith Communities Can Take to Help End Gun Violence


Ever wonder how your faith community can help end the plague of gun violence in our country? A new and growing coalition of 30-plus faith communities in Colorado — Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence (CFCU) — has bridged the divide of faith traditions and polarizing beliefs on firearms to have an impact [Read More...]