Shane Claiborne on Dr. King, Nonviolent Uprisings and Learning from Ferguson 


Dr. King said: a “riot is the language of the unheard.” What happens when folks do not feel like their voices are being heard? They shout louder. Rioting is what almost happened in Ferguson, and all of us who live in fragile neighborhoods with a backdrop of deep racial injustice need to pay attention. In [Read More...]

Shane Claiborne: Pilgrimage to Ferguson


Something felt right about going to Ferguson. And something felt right about going with Derrick. I’ve watched Derrick grow up as an African-American youth in North Philadelphia — facing unfair obstacles like a bankrupt school system, an epidemic of gun violence, and a tantalizing drug economy. Despite Philly’s 40% high school dropout rate, Derrick graduated. [Read More...]

When the Battle Is Hard: On Restoration and Renewal of Faith

Lisa Anderson

By Lisa Anderson On June 23, 2014, 79-year-old retired United Methodist pastor, the Rev. Charles Moore, set himself on fire in a shopping mall parking lot. Distraught and dispirited by the persistent and intractable nature of the racism, poverty and homophobia he had been battling against his whole life, Rev. Moore decided to offer his [Read More...]