Practicing Silence for Lent


The isolated, inhospitable desert holds attraction as a place to find deep spiritual wisdom, as evidenced by the desert history of Judaism and Christianity. [Read more...]

Spiritual Practices to Eradicate Racism


By Michael W. Waters Author, Freestyle: Reflections on Faith, Family, Justice, and Pop Culture Metaphors for American Diversity: Salads, Melting Pots, Tapestries, and Mosaics On October 27, 1976, Georgia governor and then presidential candidate James Earl Carter Jr. offered one of his final campaign speeches in Pittsburgh. In this speech, Carter stated, “We [America] have [Read More...]

Fourth of July Spirituality

“In the dialectical movement of not “too much” and “not too” little, when it comes to the relationship of Christianity and national holidays, let me suggest some spiritual practices for the Fourth of July. These will place our national celebration in light of God’s present and future vision for our nation and the earth.” Bruce Epperly on expanding our sense of the Holy on our National Holiday. [Read more...]