The Church of “We Don’t Quite Know What We’re Talking About”


Enough already! Many of us have confusion, misgivings, sorrows and anger about Christian churches and Christianity itself and what has become of it. I get it. Encountering pastors who believe they have all the answers; entering or hearing about a church that shames and blames people into submission and confession; doctrines, creeds and mission statements [Read More...]

My New Year’s Resolution: To Be A Better Liar


I have never been a very good liar. I rarely even try it. Lying, for me, is like an exercise bike, covered in cobwebs, sitting in the basement. But this year, starting on January 1st and continuing through 2016, my New Year’s resolution is to be unabashed in my dedication to lying. I resolve to lie [Read More...]

Poverty: Advent Has Its Own Gifts


An argument with the spouse: his small, innocent observation unleashes the ghost of a thousand arguments past, complete with its burden of chains. Marriage is like that sometimes: after two or three decades together, every fight recapitulates all fights. I hate feeling this way: poverty. The end of the semester. The beginning, and for that [Read More...]