Why Progressive Christians Should Pray


While many bemoan the decline of the American religious, one fact remains: religiously affiliated or not, 55 percent of people in the United States pray each day. Though institutional religion may be going out of style, this ancient spiritual practice seems to be holding steady. But, why, as a nation that is allegedly turning more [Read More...]

Labor (Day) of Love


“It is not doing the thing which we like to do, but liking to do the thing which we have to do, that makes the difference.” — Goethe Can you tell the difference between canned soup and homemade soup? The difference is, in part, the love (or lack of it) that goes into creation of [Read More...]

When Monks Say “I Do”: Confessions of a Former Monastic’s Wife


A recent Pew Report shows that those who choose monastic, celibate lifestyles are in steady decline. The number of Catholic nuns in the U.S. has dropped 72 percent since 1965; men in the priesthood have decreased 35 percent in the same time frame. Culturally, it’s easy to understand why there might be fewer monastic volunteers. [Read More...]