Games Scientists and Theologians Play

What if religious beliefs about divine beings were caused by natural processes rather than real divine beings? Or what if religious beliefs were random unnecessary by-products? Religion is like leftover trash that can be done away with. What is someone committed to belief in God left to do? [Read more…]

A theology that can change the world

We are made for story. For narrative. For life. For moments to unfold. For pages to turn. But our story isn’t part of one single meta-narrative. Our views evolve from a multi-centered existence. From multi-centered narratives. We participate in a life of pluralistic possibilities that draw us into the reality that there is more discovery involved with our existential dilemmas than finding one single answer that offers the illusion of peace. [Read more…]

A Revolution in Science and Religion

The relationship between science and religion is one of the most exciting frontiers of knowledge today. These words mark the beginning of an exciting journey in which you are all invited to actively participate here at Patheos, and of which I offer my services as your weekly guide. Today I want to describe the itinerary of your tour. [Read more…]