Too Many Positive Coincidences: How a Church Reaches At-Risk Teens

UMC Education Article Youth First graduates 2015

by The Rev. Pam Brokaw Dreaming of a bright future can be more difficult in an economically depressed community – especially for its young people. However, for the city of Winlock, one church has found a way to plant seeds of hope that are truly taking root. In this rural community in southwestern Washington, many [Read More...]

English Class Leaves Woman Speechless


By Ashleigh Joyner One woman couldn’t believe that a group of people who didn’t even know her would teach her English. They did and now her life has changed in so many ways. What happens when open hearts celebrate diversity and the value of all people? Rocio Martinez can tell you. Living in Nashville, Tennessee, [Read More...]

The Best Years of My Life: Falling Back in Love with the Church


By Sophia Agtarap When church was just a habit without meaning, Matt Hooper walked away. Which meant he would have to fall in love all over again. Church means different things to different people. For some, it’s a community of people who gather on a Sunday morning. For others, it’s an irrelevant place. For Matt [Read More...]