Re-Comprehending Immigration Issue

As President Bush calls for a ‘comprehensive” reform package on immigration, we of the progressive mind set should in this issue, well on every issue, see how the framing of the problem dictates the solutions we can comprehend. [Read more…]

Young Voters Pose Moral Challenge

The battle for the White House in 2008 will be decided by a new type of voter. This voter is now enrolled at a college or university near you. [Read more…]

Bush Takes First Step to Woo Blacks: Ten Thousand More Steps to Go

What does it take to change a relationship fraught with betrayals, half-truths, neglect and downright antagonism? More than words. More than jokes. More than promises. [Read more…]

Better late than Never?

July 20, President Bush made his first appearance at the NAACP convention, leaving Warren Harding, who died before addressing the organization, as the only President not to. [Read more…]

I’m an Episcopalian

After years of infertility, I finally hauled out the Yellow Pages and started working down the lengthy list of adoption agencies offering hope to heartbroken, desperate women. [Read more…]

Catholic fathers of the ongoing ‘defeat for humanity’ in Iraq

The neo-conservative vision of a permanent military presence in Iraq is crumbling under the weight of 3000 US military casualties and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths.  Those Catholics who helped enable the implementation of this vision, many through the misguided presumption that Republicans would do more to protect life before birth here at home, now [Read More…]