God’s Gestapo

All,   It's been about one election (two years, that is) since I last posted here, and the developments of this election campaign have led me, once again, to feel compelled to put my thoughts on paper (virtual though it may be).   [Read more…]

Revenge – No Longer Kicking it Old School

Revenge seems at many times to be a form of justice. Christian Bale as Batman struggled with revenge versus justice. Likewise, one of my favorite movies is the Count of Monte Cristo starring Jim Caviezel as Edmond Dantes (Jim Caviezel also played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ).   [Read more…]

McCain and Bush Virtually indestinguishable on most issues

This letter describes Mr. McCain’s frequent self-contradictions, deep similarities to President Bush, and irritability when confronted with facts.   Follow the link below to an article in which McCain states wrongly that the troop surge in Iraq came before the Iraqi “Awakening,” then insists again and again that he is correct, in the face of [Read More…]

Fw: What a black columnist has to say about Obama

Yesterday I received an email forward from a relative that was politically charged. The subject of the email was, “Fw: What a black columnist has to say about Obama.” The intriguing aspect of that subject line was that the columnist himself tried to down play race while informing his readers about the “most liberal” Senator [Read More…]

Hoping For a Change of Heart From Hillary

I’m still hoping for a change of heart from Senator Clinton. [Read more…]

Which Candidate Best Represents the Democratic Party

This Democratic presidential campaign passed the point of civility a long time ago.  It’s time for the DNC and party elders to decide to stand on principle. [Read more…]

Obama’s Accomplishments

Since the GOP is making the point that no one knows anything that Senator Obama has accomplished in his 47 years on this planet, I thought it might be a good time to enlighten people as to what exactly are some of the things that he has accomplished.  [Read more…]

Mitt Romney does not speak for this Mormon

I just heard the Mitt Romney concession speech.  And as a Mormon, I am incredibly offended. [Read more…]

Manipulation by CNN Reaching Astonishing Levels

CNN is at it again with most of their commentators praising Senator Clinton no matter how she does in the debates. More importantly, the last several days they have had stories front and center on their website highlighting abuses of women. [Read more…]

Defending the Faith – The Great Awakening by Jim Wallis

Interestingly, my pastor recently asked the question in our small group, “Today, who’s defending the faith?” The first name that came to my mind was Jim Wallis, but I knew my pastor and no one in the room other than my wife were familiar with Jim so I blurted out Billy Graham.   [Read more…]