Why I am a Democrat

I am a Democrat because I am a Christian. I believe human beings are created in the image of God, and are therefore worthy of more respect than we–as a community or as individuals–will be able to manage. I also believe that all people have sinned, and that this corruption has seeped into the deepest [Read More...]

Budgetary myths that Christians should reject, Part 1

Myth #1: “Asking the government to care for the poor and weak means we are failing to depend on God.” Not true. Most of God’s care for us takes place through the created order He has established, not despite it. “In Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28), but our continued [Read More...]

Is the Ryan Budget a Catholic budget?

It is my sincere hope that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) shows the same ferocity over the Ryan-Budget proposal that they did over the contraceptive mandate.  If we as a Church are to in one breath claim a need for religious liberty, our next breath should certainly be used to stand up for the [Read More...]

An Unlikely Convert: Spiritual Awakening of a Former Political Operative

I’m no longer stifled by the sound-bite rhetoric that defines political parties and much of our religious discourse. I’m free to work with people from all walks of life to pioneer creative solutions to some of our most pressing concerns. [Read more...]

Why I attended the Young Democrats of America Faith & Values Summit

As a Christian I know that Christ launched his earthly ministry by quoting the Hebrew text Isaiah 61 which states that the Gospel is: “good news to the poor,” yet when I look around my faith community I see my Christian brothers and sisters supporting policies and legislators that have nothing good to say to or about the poor. [Read more...]

Faithful Democrats, It’s Time to Stand UP

As Christians, the way we approach politics matters. A lot. It matters to us, our families, our children, our neighbors, and especially the disadvantaged. It impacts our schools, our communities, and people all across the world.   [Read more...]

There is a Biblical Basis for Reproductive Rights

For the past 40 years, the religious right has co-opted the discussion around abortion in this country. The foot soldiers of this movement have aggressively fought for their place as the only political and religious contingent that takes a moral, faith-based stance on abortion. And in their worldview, to take a moral stand on abortion [Read More...]

Why the Ryan Budget is a Values Issue

If recent weeks are any indication, the Republicans hope to make this election season all about values. And, considering the President’s record of job creation and economic growth, the Republicans’ strategy may be the only option. But, if the GOP wants to talk about values, I propose they take a critical look at Paul Ryan’s [Read More...]

We don’t want believers to be the lap dogs of either party

Critics of the Faithful Democrats movement raise a point that is actually quite fair: “Aren’t you just reacting to the unhealthy closeness between the Church and the political right by luring the Church into the arms of the political left instead? Are you really any better?” [Read more...]

President Obama and the Fake ‘War on Religion’

Republicans are once again using religion as a weapon to divide America.  We Faithful Democrats must counter this absurd "war on religion" narrative.  I’ll leave you with President Obama’s recent response to the right’s ridiculous "war on religion" accusation: [Read more...]