The Conscience of the King

As for me, when I think of what our government could have done for the Katrina-affected areas of this country, and the thousands of dead and wounded Americans in Iraq, my mind turns to Hamlet. "Foul deeds will rise, Though all the earth o'erwhelm them, to men's eyes." [Read more...]

Jesus was an Illegal Immigrant

The logic of the political credo of Jesus' day would have demanded that Joseph, as a law breaker, should have surrendered Jesus to Herod for execution as an infant.  [Read more...]

Why I’m Bullish on Porn

I’d better not leave that title hanging out there without an explanation for too long lest I get an angry call from grandma.   What I mean is that if I was going to recommend that a Dem pick one issue to highlight when speaking to religious audiences (especially moderate-to-conservative ones) that have an interest in [Read More...]

Shine On!

One of the unanticipated consequences of being an outspoken Christian in liberal politics is having people come out of the closet to me. It isn't a hidden or misunderstood sexual leaning that they confess, however, but a religious one.  [Read more...]

Only one way to be Christian?

We can be the party that makes it clear that Christianity and Christian faith cannot be made the exclusive property of particular ideological positions, no matter how often our opponents attempt to make that link. We can be the party where people can come as they are in their relationships with God, come as they [Read More...]

Unto the Father

  One of the challenges of the whole idea of evolution is that an understanding of the infinity implied, the eternity in human years equates, or should equate, to an understanding of our shared fate, and the role of individual agency, rather than a worship of the self, or a complete denial of individual agency, [Read More...]

Weeding out Reed in Georgia

One day in the not too distant past, the kingmaker decided that he would become a king by being elected Georgia’s next Lieutenant Governor but something strange happened on Reid’s way to King.   [Read more...]

Religious Values: The Higher Ground

Ultimately, religious faith is the most important way that most Americans have to talk about commitments that reach beyond self-interest, that shape their ways of looking at the world, and that guide their choices even when the results of those choices aren’t immediately realized. They understandably want to know whether the men and women who would [Read More...]

Ruminations from a Roman Ruin

A common past is hard to come by in a country whose people arrived scattershot by way of the Mayflower, the Middle Passage, and the Mexican border. Despite our differences, America stands for ideals of equality, even if Jefferson’s old saw that, “All men are created equal” did not include all people. Through the ideal of equality, [Read More...]

The Christian’s Many Responsibilities

"The Bible instructs us to serve the needy and the poor.  Does that mean Christians are only supposed to help people individually and through their church?  Or are we also supposed to support government programs for the needy?"   SC, Chicago   [Read more...]