Weeding out Reed in Georgia

One day in the not too distant past, the kingmaker decided that he would become a king by being elected Georgia’s next Lieutenant Governor but something strange happened on Reid’s way to King.   [Read more...]

Religious Values: The Higher Ground

Ultimately, religious faith is the most important way that most Americans have to talk about commitments that reach beyond self-interest, that shape their ways of looking at the world, and that guide their choices even when the results of those choices aren’t immediately realized. They understandably want to know whether the men and women who would [Read More...]

Ruminations from a Roman Ruin

A common past is hard to come by in a country whose people arrived scattershot by way of the Mayflower, the Middle Passage, and the Mexican border. Despite our differences, America stands for ideals of equality, even if Jefferson’s old saw that, “All men are created equal” did not include all people. Through the ideal of equality, [Read More...]

The Christian’s Many Responsibilities

"The Bible instructs us to serve the needy and the poor.  Does that mean Christians are only supposed to help people individually and through their church?  Or are we also supposed to support government programs for the needy?"   SC, Chicago   [Read more...]

Understanding the Two Great Commandments

In the dark days after the ’04 election, I was struck by how many liberal Democrats were asking how Christians could possibly turn out in such large numbers to vote for a Republican party that stands in such stark opposition to so many clearly Christian principles like feeding and housing the poor, protecting God’s creation, and choosing peace over violence. [Read More...]

Evangelicals and Iraq

Evangelical opinion on Iraq may have recently reached a tipping point against the war.  In January 2005 the Pew Research Center for the Press and the People reported that President Bush’s approval rating among white evangelicals stood at 72% compared to 54% in March 2006.  While a number of factors could account for this decline, [Read More...]

What’s Wrong with the Religious Right?

As an evangelical Christian, as someone who numbers himself among the followers of Jesus, my politics point toward the left, a posture that places me squarely at odds with the Religious Right. I find the Religious Right’s unflinching allegiance to the Bush administration and its position on a range of issues – from the environment [Read More...]

Bush’s Stem Cell Research Veto And Questions On Moral Priorities

President Bush vetoed legislation Wednesday passed by both the House and Senate that would have allowed federal funding for expanded embryonic stem cell research. In his veto message, Mr. Bush said, “If this bill were to become law, American taxpayers for the first time in our history would be compelled to fund the deliberate destruction [Read More...]

What Christian Democrats can learn from progressive Anglicans

A few months back, there appeared in the British newspaper The Guardian a remarkable op-ed piece by Marilyn McCord Adams, an American theologian (and Episcopal priest) who teaches at Oxford University.  Her topic was the (then-and-still) deteriorating unity of the Anglican Communion.  Adams has never made any bones about her liberal theological views, and so [Read More...]

Bush Katrina Contradictions

A Washington Post article published on July 20, 2006 reports that while Hurricane Katrina prompted Bush's acknowledgement that "We have a duty to confront this poverty with bold action," his has failed to back his words with deeds. Bush's budget is devoid of any initiatives to address poverty; rather, he supports cutting funding for programs [Read More...]