The Unreported Political Implications of Pew’s Religion Poll

Democratic faith outreach shouldn’t look like what the religious right does. When our outreach works, it’s authentic and humble and focused on relationships and clearly-articulated values. And when it works we win because when American voters understand what our core values are, the vast majority recognize they are the ones they share. But we can’t count on voters to figure it out. And as the Pew poll shows, we can’t expect them to ignore the lies from the Right if we ignore them. [Read more...]


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Faithful Democrats’ New Look Whether you are a long-time visitor to Faithful Democrats or a newcomer, we want to welcome you to our redesigned website. Over the next few days, you will notice that more and more features will be added to the site.   All of these are intended to make your experience here [Read More...]


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The Great Warming

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