The Church of Kopimism Worships the Holy Spirit of File-Sharing

It’s not just about the big five anymore – groups around the world have successfully lobbied for Jediism, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and other pop culture-y religions to get official recognition. The newest addition to this group is Kopimism, more informally known as the religion of file-sharing. Swedish philosophy student Isak Gerson [Read More...]

Matthew Modine Thinks ‘Jesus Was a Commie’

Actor Matthew Modine, best known for his roles in movies like Full Metal Jacket and TV shows like Weeds, has made a short film entitled Jesus Was a Commie. The film was inspired by a trip Modine took to his hometown in Utah to discover that it had gone from a quaint town to just [Read More...]

Wil Wheaton Says Kardashians Are Worse Than Hitler

In our culture, there’s one quick and efficient way to emphasize that something or someone is horrible: compare them to Hitler. Geek pinup Wil Wheaton, whom I normally find hilarious, was on The Graham Norton Show on BBC America and went off on a rant about the Kardashians, saying, “The Kardashians, to me, are more [Read More...]